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Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

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Mehndi is popular not just in India and Pakistan but also in the Arabic countries, where it is a part of the culture too. The mehndi designs inspired from Arabia are popularly termed as Arabic Mehndi. The main distinction between normal Indian Mehndi and Arabic Mehndi is the use of motifs inspired by their religion and culture. The Arabic mehndi designs are nowadays largely used to add some uniqueness to age old Indian designs, thus we see a lot of mixed patterns.

But there is another difference between regular Indian mehndi and Arabic mehndi designs which is the use of black mehndi that makes the Arabic designs more prominent and beautiful. Even in India, many mehendi artists now prefer to highlight their designs using black mehndi as an outer liner to make the design more prominent.

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs

Here are some of the Arabic Mehndi designs for hands and feet that we found to be quite beautiful.
 short mehndi designs1. This design is short and sweet and looks non-fussy. For those who shy away from large full hand designs, this one will be a welcome design. It contains simple designs and patterns that can be styled by anyone.

 arabic mehndi designs for hand

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2. This one is ideal for the top of the hands. It is neither too full nor too less. The design beautifully gives the hands a filling effect without having too much detail and intricate designs. This is a simple and easy way to decorate the top of the hands beautifully for your wedding or for any occasion.

 mehindi design for left heand3. Want some out of the ordinary designs for your wedding? Then try this one. It is very pretty with the net effect and the inverted heart pattern on the hands. Though this arabic mehndi design is complex, this looks quite simple and will make any bride’s hand look beautiful.

 mehndi design for back hands4. Another simple yet beautiful design for the back of the hands. This will look great on occasions like Eid and weddings too. This simple design makes use of floral and simple designs to keep the design pretty.

 wrist mehndi design
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5. This is one of the simple Arabic mehndi designs on wrist that looks unique. You may use this design by itself keeping the palm free of any colour or you can also include it into any other design you like.

 mehndi patterns for hands6. Looking for some out of the box Arabic mehndi designs for hands? This design looks quite unique with the large floral patterns on it. It is a nice blend of intricate as well as simple designs. While one side of the palm and fingers are decorated with intricate large designs the other side is kept simple with occasional dots making this a choice for the modern bride as well as for the bridal season. This will let your hands stand out from the crowd easily.

 bridal mehndi designs for left hand7. A great look for the parties, this one of the latest Arabic mehandi designs gives the back of the hands a great look with its wrist let designs and the small but pretty designs at the tips. On the whole, it is a great design which is simple yet fills the hand.

 black mehndi designs for hands

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8. This is a pretty intricate design with small details. The use of black mehndi and very thin lines make this mehndi design look even better. There are distinctly different patterns used in the design with floral, geometrical and religious inspirations.

 mehndi design back side of hand9. For those who want a filling yet simple mehndi designs, this will be a great choice. This design uses large motifs to cover good amounts of skin making the design look filling.

 Eid Mehndi Designs For Hand10. If you love different and unique patterns, then you may try this one. It is a lovely blend of intricate small mehndi patterns and open space making it apt for the bride for any occasion. The tips are kept open rather than being covered in mehndi. There is use of the net patterns and shading too making it quite unique. All in all this design is sure to turn heads .

 complex mehndi design for hands11. For those looking for a complex design for eid and other occasion,s this one will be a good choice as it has a great mix of patterns and shading. The fingers are also decorated with mehndi and the middle finger is given special importance with multiple patterns.

 bridal arabic mehndi design12. This one is an example of the bridal Arabic mehendi designs which is sure to take your breath away. This design is full of complex patterns and small details. The patterns are also quite unique and will surely be the talk of the crowd at your wedding. The tips are kept open for that unique touch.

 simple mehndi designs for feet13. Here is a fairly simple design with large motifs. There are mostly floral patterns without many details. This design is apt for Eid and even for the bride who wants something simple yet pretty for the feet.

 henna designs for full hand14. Love intricate full hand designs? Then we have this style to show you. It’s a great way to fill up the hands with intricate designs to make them look beautiful. The tips are closed with mehndi and this pattern fills up past the wrist also making it a good choice for the bride.

 intricate mehndi designs 15. This beautiful and intricate design is apt for the bride who likes small designs and motifs. It fills the hands and will surely draw attention to you at the wedding. With thin lines and very fine designs used, it is a sure success.

 bridal mehndi feet designs 16. This design is apt for the bride’s feet. We all know that at the wedding bride is the center of attraction, so why leave your feet bare when you can use these pretty designs to fill them up and make them look pretty. This design fills the feet completely and the small leaves pattern on the toes looks super cute too.

 mehndi designs simple17. For those who love simple designs for their mehndi can choose this design. It has less number of designs and a large portion of the hand is kept open. There are though a number of intricate designs making it a beautiful mehndi choice for Eid. The design on the fingers and the large flower looks great and adds beauty to the hands.

 modern bridal mehndi designs18. This is a very unique design and totally apt for the modern bride. This is a great way to clad your hands with mehndi. The unique pattern and the minimal design makes this a sure hit among the guests.

 simple mehndi design for hands19. Now for a much simpler design for the hands. This is really apt for the brides and the festive occasions too. This design is a nice mix of uniqueness and intricate designs.

 black mehndi design for hands20. This design is filling yet simple and makes the hands look beautiful. There is a good use of black mehndi and shadings too. The inclusion of the peacock is quite unique in an Arabic pattern as the peacock design is usually seen in Indian mehndi designs.

 choice of bridal mehandi designs21. The next one is a great choice for the bride. It is a filling mehndi design for the hands which will help your hands look pretty. The designs are mostly floral and have small dotted patterns over the hands too. The fingers and also decorated using small yet pretty patterns.

 mehndi design for feet22. Do you love intricate designs on the feet? Love to get one done at your wedding? Then try this one as it is full of small delicate designs as well as filling. The design will surely attract a lot of attention to your feet at the weddings.

 Arabic Henna Mehndi Designs For Brides23. This one is just apt for the bride’s hands as it is full of small details and has a very bridal feel to it. You will love how this will make your hands look beautiful with the different designs. The designs are different on both hands so you can choose any one of them or even both like in the picture above.

 arabic bridal mehndi designs

24. The main feature of this design is the half circle patterns in the middle of the hands and the delicate details presented in the design. There are small and minute patterns and details which make this ideal for the bride and she will truly be the center of attraction with this design on her hands.

 unique mehndi designs for hand25. Here is a very girly floral and unique design. I’m sure this will be a great hit among the guests at the wedding. It has a touch of femininity with the large flowers on the hand and the open spaces. The tips are specially emphasized using the intricately done patterns which feature only on the tips. But this style is not at all messy and looks perfect on the hands of would be brides too.

 perfect mehndi design for hands26. This one is perfect especially for important occasions and brides. The designs have lots of detail and cover up the hands beautifully. There is a predominance of floral patterns in this design and will surely be the talk of the wedding.

 mehndi eid  design for hands27. Here’s a great style for the occasion of Eid. The delicately done intricate designs are very beautiful and the concentration on the base of each finger and the array of designs used in this portion is really beautiful. The tips are kept open. We think this will also be apt for the bride.

 glitter mehndi designs28. Do you love glitter? Do you like it if your mehndi clad hands could shine with golden shimmer and glitter? If yes, then this one will be a sure success for you. The tubed Glitter is used to fill the designs and give a bit of glamour to them. There is also the use of colourful stones making this a great choice for the new age woman who loves glitter. Also a great choice for evening parties.

 mehndi designs for left feet29. Here’s another intricate design for the feet we totally loved. This one is ideal for the bride’s feet and will draw the guests’ attention to it. This design has lots of small and fine details and intricately done designs to give it that rich feeling. It is a great choice for the bride.

 mehndi design for hands30. This design has a very bridal air to it. It incorporates very delicate designs and minute mehandi design work to give it a unique style. The Style is unique because of a mix of Indian as well as Arabic mehndi patterns and the occasional space kept bare is also a twist to the tale. This will be a great choice for the bride who is looking for some out of the ordinary designs for her wedding day. The finger tips are kept open for the added effect.

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Black henna is a product that has been used in Sudan, Egypt, and Morocco for hundreds of years. Traditionally it is used for wedding and celebrations to cover the hands and feet with bold, intricate, flowery and lacy designs. Recently it has been adopted by Western cultures because it gives a very real looking black temporary tattoo. With black henna you can touch the skin, rub the skin, and wash the skin and the tattoo will not come off. This, and the fact that the tattoo lasts up to three weeks, has made black henna extremely popular. There are black henna tattoo artists popping up all over the world. The fad is huge in

Europe and is spreading quickly across America.
Natural henna turns a reddish brown color and usually only stains well on the hands and feet. Black henna turns super black and stains almost every area of the body. Finding a good recipe for natural henna can be very tricky. With our black henna, all you need to do is add purified water (bottled water) or distilled water and you're ready to go. Most of the natural henna kits you buy on-line, at the stores, or in beauty supply houses are difficult to use and give a very faint color. In other words, they don't always get very dark. Most people we have talked to, who bought natural henna kit's, were very disappointed. We've heard comments like, "the natural henna I got in a kit didn't even show up on my skin," and "oh, it was such a pain to use, plus it looked like a birth mark when I put it on." and also, "it kept stopping up the bottle and it was hard to draw with." Our black henna creates a smooth flowing paste that's fast and easy to use. Most importantly, it turns your skin JET BLACK like a real tattoo.

These kits usually only produce tattoos that turn a gray or brown color. They do not contain the ingredients that produce a super black color. Professional black henna artists are not using these kinds of kits. What you see at fairs, festivals and concerts is Professional Grade Black Henna. Black and colored hennas sold in a pre-mixed paste form are a joke. They don't last very long (for most people, only a day or so) and give a light color. You end up wasting your money on something that doesn't work. If you want high grade black henna, don't settle for anything but what the professionals are using.
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Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs For Hands HD Mehndi Designs Beautiful Eid Collection For Girls Best Mehndi Designs

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